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Aquarius Image

January 20 - February 18

The eleventh sign of the zodiac is concerned with:
* scientific analysis, experimentation, detachment
* friendship, courtesy, kindness, tranquility
* mystery, intrigues, magic, genius, originality
* eccentricity, independence, humanitarian issues
* fame, recognition, politics, creative arts
* electricity, magnetism, telecommunications

Elemental Quality

Aquarius is the fixed air sign of the zodiac. It can be likened to a paraglider, jumping off the earth to explore a rainbow, yet aware of the practicalities of thermals and how to ensure a safe landing.

Air represents the mind and the ability to think; Aquarian ideas may be unusual or even original, but once formed, they tend to remain fixed. Fixed air, in brief, is a metaphor for fixed opinions.

Spiritual Goal

To learn how to develop true self-confidence.

The Aquarian Personality

These are the general personality traits found in people who are typical of Aquarius. An unhappy or frustrated Aquarius may display some of the not-so-attractive traits.

* Communicative* Unwilling to share ideas
* Thoughtful and caring* Tactless and rude
* Cooperative and dependable* Perverse and eccentric individuality
* Scientific* Self-interested
* Strong belief in humane reforms* Unwillingness to fight for beliefs
* Independence of thought and action* Uncertainty and lack of confidence
* Intense interest in people* Voyeuristic curiousity about people
* Loyal friendship
* Inventive

Secret Aquarius

Inside anyone who has strong Aquarian influences is a person who is extremely uncertain of his or her true identity. The Aquarius ego is said to be the most precarious in the zodiac, probably because Aquarius is the sign of nonconformity. Intellectual genius, practical eccentricity and mental oddity are all linked with Aquarius.

The typical Aquarius personality has a magnetic and powerful intellect. Putting this to good, practical use is the best way for Aquarius to build an identifiable ego.

Ruling Planet and Its Effect

Uranus and Saturn both rule the zodiac sign of Aquarius, so anyone whose birthchart has a strongly developed Aquarius influence will tend to have original, unexpected ideas. In astrology, Uranus is the planet of the unusual and the unexpected, and Saturn is the planet of applied wisdom and forward planning.

Aquarian Lucky Connections
Colors: violet, light yellow
Plants: olive, aspen
Perfume: galbanum
Gemstones: glass, onyx, topaz, sapphire
Metal: lead
Tarot Card: the star
Animals: peacock, eagle

The Aquarius Look

People who exhibit the physical characteristics distinctive of the sign of Aquarius often look like nonconformists.

Physical Appearance

* There is a distant, dreamy look in the eyes.

* Body: taller than average.

* Head: in profile always noble with fine features.

* Neck: bends to allow head to drop forward or tip to one side when thinking.

* Movement is not graceful but has purpose.

The Aquarius Male

If a man behaves in a way typical of the personality associated with the zodiac sign of Aquarius, he will have a tendency toward the characteristics listed below, unless there are influences in his personal birthchart that are stronger than that of his Aquarius sun sign.

The typical Aquarius man:
* is usually taller than average
* has long bones
* may have broad hips
* is strongly built
* has a distinctive facial feature
* has a high, broad forehead
Behavior and Personality Traits
* is unwilling to reveal his feelings
* is friendly toward everyone
* is a group person
* is fair minded and has his own very strong, but personal, moral code
* has wide interests
* is attracted to the mysterious and the secret
* is an intuitive thinker with a very practical streak
* does not usually aim to become rich but to develop his ideas and communicate them

The Aquarius Female

If a woman behaves in a way that is distinctive of the personality associated with the zodiac sign of Aquarius, she will have a tendency toward the characteristics listed below, providing there are no influences in her personal birthchart that are stronger than that of her Aquarius sun sign.

The typical Aquarius woman:
* may have broad shoulders
* has a large bone structure
* has a long neck
* ignores feminine conventions, but always dresses in such a way that she looks stunning
Behavior and Personality Traits
* has a wide circle of friends from all walks of life
* is concerned about and deeply involved in the community
* is adept at getting people to settle feuds
* can be totally unpredictable
* has a wide variety of interests and a mind of her own
* will have a basic lack of self-confidence
* can be easygoing and accepts the many differences among people

Young Aquarius

If a child behaves in a way that is distinctive of the personality associated with Aquarius, he or she will have a tendency toward the characteristics listed below.

Behavior and Personality Traits
The typical Aquarius child:
* is a quick thinker
* is sensitive and intuitive
* is outwardly calm, relaxed, and delightful
* is unpredictable and full of amazing ideas
* wants to analyze everything and everyone
* does not like emotional demands
* rebels against commands and rules but comes to sensible conclusions when allowed to think things through for himself or herself
* is generous to friends
* has a huge number of friends of all kinds
* tends to be absentminded

Bringing Up Young Aquarius

Young Aquarius has an enquiring and analytical mind and is constantly on the go. He or she needs plenty of opportunity to make discoveries, try out inventions and communicate ideas to others. Young Aquarius tends to be detached and dispassionate, finding close relationships difficult.

Young Aquarius's Needs

A peaceful, calm, and harmonious environment is essential to young Aquarius, because he or she is so sensitive to underlying tensions.

Young Aquarius often looks more confident than he or she is, so parental understanding and genuine encouragement are needed. Like any child, Aquarius needs love, especially in the form of respect, listening, appreciation, and friendship.

What To Teach Young Aquarius

Their minds are always working at lightning speed, so often they get in a mental muddle. Consequently, young Aquarius should be taught how to think logically. In practical terms, they will need to be taught simple methods for remembering things and for finding their way when they get physically lost.

Aquarius At Home

If a person has the personality that is typical of those born with a Aquarius sun sign, home is a place where he or she can fully express unconventional ideas.

There are two types of Aquarius: the suave and the messy. He or she will have a tendency toward one of the sets of characteristics listed below.

Typical Behavior and Abilities
When at home, a suave Aquarius man or woman:
* lives in a spacious, elegant apartment filled with interesting items
* eats unusual menus of gourmet food
* enjoys having houseguests from all walks of life
When at home, a messy Aquarius man or woman:
* lives in a tiny, untidy condo filled with oddities
* eats strange mixtures of plain food
* enjoys a wide variety of friends dropping in who feel at home in a creative mess
* leaves inventions lying around
* only washes up when in the right frame of mind
Aquarius as a Parent
* is a friend for life
* encourages independence of thought
* does not concentrate on discipline
* is prepared to discuss even adult problems
* is kind, relaxed, and makes rational judgements
* does not like or encourage emotional arguments
* will want the best modern education for the children

Two Aquarians in the Same Family

When married, they usually enjoy a peaceful, friendly relationship. Aquarian parents and children can also get on well, although serious personal problems may be ignored in favor of taking a broad view of humanitarian ideas. Aquarians can be quite crazy together on occasions, as they all have bright minds and are intuitive.

Aquarius At Work

At work, the person who has a typical Aquarius personality will exhibit the following characteristics.

Typical Behavior and Abilities
A typical Aquarius at work:
* enjoys working with a group
* usually likes to use his or her mind
* dislikes routine and decision making
* enjoys variety
Aquarius as Employer
A typical Aquarius boss (male or female):
* is fair and will pay employees exactly what the job deserves
* will be generous to anyone doing extra special work beyond the terms of contract
* although not a natural executive, he or she will carry out the role of boss using all the Aquarian skills of quick thinking and shrewd analysis
* will expect a day's work for a day's pay
* dislikes any form of dishonesty
* is unshockable
* will not forgive lies or broken promises
* will give employees all the rope they need (even to hang themselves)
Aquarius as Employee
A typical Aquarius employee (male or female):
* is aloof but gathers a large circle of friends
* will regularly go off into a mental exploration of future possibilities -- and return with some very creative ideas
* brings a fresh approach to any task
* will frequently change his or her job or type of occupation in the early years; later he or she will settle down and stay with one company
* is conscientious, courteous, and has a knack for sensing what's wrong with machinery
Working Environment
The workplace of a typical Aquarius man or woman:
* could be almost anywhere in the world
* will have the latest communication technology
* changes frequently
* should be free from emotional tensions and noise

Typical Occupations

Anything that involves experimentation, ideas, investigation, analysis, and innovation attracts Aquarius. For example: dancer, scientist, photographer, astrologer, singer, TV or radio presenter, writer, charity worker, inventor, archeologist, radiographer, electronics engineer, humanitarian aid worker.

Aquarius and Love

To Aquarius, love is an attitude of caring for all humanity. Aquarius in love will have many of the characteristics listed below.

Behavior When In Love
The typical Aquarius:
* attracts the opposite sex in the first place by their friendly open manner
* may try to seem glamorously aloof
* is afraid of a deeply emotional involvement
* genuinely wants friendship with the loved one
* will guard his or her independence jealously
* enjoys a living-apart relationship
The typical Aquarius expects:
* his wife to stay at home
* her husband to share or take over the running of the home
* personal freedom of movement and action
* loyalty and faithfulness, which Aquarius will give in full once happily married
* understanding and tolerance of his or her oddities
* the partner to enjoy frequent visits from a wide variety of friends from every walk of life

The End of An Affair

The typical Aquarius has only one affair at a time and is devoted to that partner until curiousity leads them elsewhere.

Aquarius, male or female, likes to dominate the relationship (as a way of controlling feared emotions). A partner who makes too many demands, becomes jealous, or tries to put limitations on Aquarius's freedom is usually dropped quite suddenly and may be treated like a total stranger.

If the partner does not take the hint, Aquarius is quite capable of doing something to make the partner end the affair. Once Aquarius has settled into a marriage, he or she does not like divorce and will often want to remain friends with a past partner.

Aquarius and Sex

When a typical Aquarius makes love it is more an intellectual experience than an emotional one. He or she will be most assiduous about hygiene and contraception.

Aquarius is likely to do a lot of self-searching, but may not find it easy to listen to the partner's emotional problems.

Aquarian partners often have verbal quarrels which seem to take the place of physical contact.

Affairs do not seem to bother Aquarians, as they are rarely jealous. Many Aquarians make much better friends than lovers. Sometimes Aquarius can be rather modest about sex -- even prudish.

Aquarius and Partner

The person who contemplates becoming the marriage or business partner of a typical Aquarius must realize that Aquarius will need to have unlimited freedom.

Aquarius will also want to dominate the partnership in order to ensure his or her interests in the wider world are not restricted.

Given this, the person who partners Aquarius can expect loyalty, a fair share of the work, and never to have the business taken away from them.

Although Aquarius has no great driving ambition, the typical Aquarius has a very fine mind (one of the best in the zodiac) and can be an asset to any venture. If fame comes their way, the Aquarius partner will happily lap it up.

Aquarius Man As A Partner

He will want a partner who recognizes the ideas and inventiveness that he can bring to the business and who will allow him the freedom to introduce new concepts.

Business partners contemplating asking an Aquarius to join them should first ensure that he has enough knowledge about the business.

Aquarius man wants a marriage partner who will run the home and children and be a loyal, lifelong friend. He wants a woman who is capable of looking after herself and who will not need to lean on him.

A woman who wants a good income from a steady breadwinner should look elsewhere.

Aquarius Woman As A Partner

So long as she is left to circulate freely among her many friends and pursue her dozens of outside interests, Aquarius woman will be a faithful partner.

Although she can be tender and caring, she inhabits a world of ideas. She needs a partner who recognizes her brilliant mind.

In business or marriage, Aquarius woman will be concerned that her partner is recognized for his intellectual achievements; she is far less interested in making money. She will enjoy physical closeness, but will also be happy with long periods when the relationship remains platonic.

Opposite Sign

Leo is the complementary opposite sign to Aquarius. Although relations between them can be difficult, Leo can show Aquarius how to make choices to please the self, rather than for an ideal. In this way, Aquarius can build emotional self-confidence.

Aquarius and Friends

Aquarius makes many friends but has very few confidants. In general, Aquarius likes a friend who has intellectual interests and enjoys the unusual and the radical.

Aquarius will be friendly toward anyone and will tend to regard any relationship as platonic.

Positive Factors

Aquarius rarely passes judgement upon the ethical codes of friends -- but will expect them to live by their codes.

Aquarius will put a lot of effort into his or her friendships and make friends with anyone: rich or poor, black or white, good and bad.

An Aquarius friend is a constant source of mental stimulation, information, and practical help.

Negative Factors

An Aquarius will take great interest in his or her friend's ideas, and may eventually adopt some of them as his or her own, using them whenever it is convenient.

Aquarius tends to take over a friendship, slowly but surely, and put the friend in a subordinate role.

Aquarius also pours out troubles to friends, expecting their concerns to be regarded as more important than anything else. However, when friends need help with their own problems, Aquarius tends to draw back and tell them to ignore the problem and it will go away.

A compatibility chart, below, lists those with whom Aquarius is likely to have the most satisfactory relationships.


In general, if people are typical of their zodiac sign, relationships between Aquarius and other signs (including the complementary opposite sign, Leo) are as shown below.

Aquarius with Aquarius: Harmonious
Aquarius with Pisces: Harmonious
Aquarius with Aries: Harmonious
Aquarius with Taurus: Difficult
Aquarius with Gemini: Harmonious
Aquarius with Cancer: Turbulent
Aquarius with Leo: Difficult
Aquarius with Virgo: Turbulent
Aquarius with Libra: Harmonious
Aquarius with Scorpio: Difficult
Aquarius with Sagittarius: Harmonious
Aquarius with Capricorn: Harmonious

Aquarian Leisure Interests

On the whole, typical Aquarius pursue the following leisure interests:

* radical arts and theater

* music, rhythm, dance, controlled exercise

* clowning, juggling, witty comedy

* flying, parachuting, gliding

* writing his or her autobiography or a personal diary

* scientific or creative hobbies

* local politics

Aquarian Likes and Dislikes

* fame or recognition
* thinking about self
* privacy
* rainbows, dreams, magic
* change, eccentricity, surprises
* credit cards
* telling others what needs to be done -- then watching them get on with it
* weird friends
* living within their means
* emotion and intimacy
* people who show off
* being taken for granted
* being pinned down in any way
* any kind of hard sell
* violence and fighting
* making loans or borrowing
* conventional authority
* revealing own motives
* extravagance

Aquarian Health

A typical Aquarius needs lots of fresh air, plenty of sleep, and regular exercise to stay healthy -- alas, they often do not give themselves enough of any of these.

Young Aquarius is usually very healthy, except for the odd complaint which seems undiagnosable and goes away on its own accord.

When mature, Aquarius may suffer from nervous complaints due to their intense mental activity. They may also acquire a series of phobias. Aquarians may respond to hypnosis.

Types of Sickness

They have a tendency to suffer according to the weather -- which is always too hot, too cold, too humid, or too dry for their comfort. Circulatory problems are linked with Aquarius.

Diseases of the blood and nervous system are common, as are varicose veins and accidents to the calves and ankles.

Aquarius is linked with the extraordinary in every way and that includes sicknesses. Sudden, inexplicable illness can overtake Aquarius and may then clear up equally mysteriously.

Aquarius at Rest

Any opportunity to lie in a hammock in the garden and dream the day away is wonderful for Aquarius's well-being.

Famous Aquarians

Virginia Woolf (Novelist), Eartha Kitt (Singer), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Composer), Lewis Carroll (Author), Vanessa Redgrave (Actress), Charles Lindbergh (Aviator), Jules Verne (Science Fiction Novelist), Yoko Ono (Pop Artist)

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