The Virgin

Virgo Image

August 23 - September 22

The sixth sign of the zodiac is concerned with:
* self-perfection, critical faculties
* altruism, honesty, responsibility
* cleanliness, hygiene, health, healing
* efficiency, daily routines, reliability
* strength of character, veiled sensuality
* service, hard work, passivity, modesty
* incisive communication, shrewd logical thought

Elemental Quality

Virgo is the mutable earth sign of the zodiac, indicating adaptable practicality. It can be likened to a semi-shaded patio which has been adapted to make a garden filled with a great variety of plants, climbers, and an arbor. Half-hidden, here and there, are garden chaise longues with rich patchwork covers, bottles of homemade organic wines, and other unexpected practical delights.

Spiritual Goal

To learn to discriminate between destructive criticism and simple wisdom.

The Virgoan Personality

These are the general personality traits found in people who are typical of Virgo. An unhappy or frustrated Virgo may display some of the not-so-attractive traits.

* Gentleness with the helpless* Scathing criticism of the lazy
* Sympathetic* Cranky and irritable
* Humane and helpful* Dogmatic
* Organized* Untidy
* Knowledgeable about good health* Tendency to be a hypochondriac
* Witty and charming* Nervous and worried
* Physically sensual* Prudish
* Painstaking* Eccentric
* Emotionally warm* Undemonstrative
* Dedicated* Overdemanding

Secret Virgo

Inside anyone who has strong Virgo influences is a person who worries too much about every personal imperfection and is never satisfied with his or her own standards. Virgo may appear to know it all and be a compulsive worker; both these behaviors hide a deep fear that he or she cannot be good enough for, say, the job or the partner.

Virgos crave the opportunity to serve others and take charge of many apparently mundane matters that, collectively, are the bedrock of success.

One of the least expected aspects of a Virgo personality is a strong, almost volcanic sexuality that can lie hidden and dormant for years until the right partner comes along.

Ruling Planet and Its Effect

Mercury rules the zodiac sign of Virgo, so anyone whose birthchart has a strong Virgo influence will have a good and quick mind.

In astrology, Mercury is the planet of the mind and communication. Being more concerned with practicalities than ideas (Gemini, the ideas sign, is also ruled by Mercury), Virgo is usually interested in acquiring information and in communicating by writing.

The other traditional ruler of Virgo is the mythological Vulcan, the lame god of thunder, who has a confident and brilliant mind.

Virgoan Lucky Connections
Colors: yellow-green, brown, cream
Plants: narcissus, vervain, herbs
Perfume: narcissus
Gemstones: peridot, opal, agate
Metal: mercury
Tarot Card: the hermit
Animals: bat, porcupine, mink

The Virgoan Look

People who exhibit the physical characteristics distinctive of the sign of Virgo look neat and fastidious and have a pleasant, often quietly beautiful face. Many Virgos look like loners and are not usually noisy people.

Physical Appearance

* High forehead

* Cranium may seem too big in comparison with the face

* Eyelids are often veiled

* Nose is straight

* Jaw is broad

The Virgo Male

If a man behaves in a way typical of the personality associated with the zodiac sign of Virgo, he will have a tendency toward the characteristics listed below, unless there are influences in his personal birthchart that are stronger than that of his Virgo sun sign.

The typical Virgo man:
* has a straight, wedge-shaped nose
* has an extremely large forehead
* has a high hairline
* is upright and has a straight body
* may be quite tall
* often has one foot turned in more than the other
Behavior and Personality Traits
* is practical and unsentimental
* instinctively has a love of work
* will be devoted to serving those less fortunate than himself
* may relax by working a little less hard than usual
* takes responsibilities seriously
* is subtle and rarely obvious about his intentions
* notices and remembers details

The Virgoan Female

If a woman behaves in a way that is distinctive of the personality associated with the zodiac sign of Virgo, she will have a tendency toward the characteristics listed below, providing there are no influences in her personal birthchart that are stronger than that of her Virgo sun sign.

The typical Virgo woman:
* has a pointed chin and a face in repose
* the eyes are often soft and very beautiful
* the hair may be long or short but is normally impeccably groomed
* the mouth and lips are well formed
* is typically clean and very neatly dressed
Behavior and Personality Traits
* can analyze situations in detail
* is devoted to her work, usually serving others in some way
* is basically shy
* has incredible strength of purpose
* will pursue happiness wherever it leads
* is pure of mind but not naive
* thinks of herself as more orderly and efficient than other people
* has a delightful, straightforward personality
* does not express her feelings easily
* can be soothing one moment and critical the next

Young Virgo

If a child behaves in a way that is distinctive of the personality associated with Virgo, he or she will have a tendency toward the characteristics listed below.

Behavior and Personality Traits
The typical Virgo child:
* is quick, alert, and an excellent mimic, and so can learn many things in a short time
* gets upset if he or she forgets something that has been learned by heart
* rarely questions authority but frequently questions facts
* is honest and reliable
* is usually shy among strangers
* loves to do jobs around the home imitating an adult
* is sometimes a fussy eater
* is usually tidy, with occasional bouts of disorganization
* gets very upset if teased
* is often an early talker and reader

Bringing Up Young Virgo

Young Virgos will try very hard to please, as long as they know what is expected.

As they grow up they will often find close relationships with the opposite sex very difficult.

Virgos take a lot of convincing that they are attractive people. Lots of genuine praise and encouragement early in life will help to smooth the path to true love in teenage and early adulthood.

Parents should never interfere when their young Virgo begins to notice the opposite sex. Even the slightest hint of criticism or teasing may cause Virgos to withdraw and choose the single life.

Young Virgo's Needs

Young Virgo must have physical affection, in the form of hugs, and sincere compliments every day in order to build the self-confidence that every typical Virgo child lacks.

What To Teach Young Virgo

Myths, fairy tales, make-believe, daydreams, and how to use imagination should all be taught to young Virgos so they have plenty of magical moments to remember in their adult years when they often feel lonely.

On the whole, young Virgos aim for good grades at school, are helpful around the house, and are usually tidy about their own things, almost to a fault. An untidy Virgo will have some other strong influence in the astrological birth chart.

Virgos can be exacting about time, orderliness, and food. They also have a tendency to be critical about everyone else in the family, especially when asked an opinion. They, therefore, need to be taught to accept the little foibles of other people and not to get upset when someone else leaves the top off the toothpaste.

Virgo At Home

If a person has the personality that is typical of those born with a Virgo sun sign, home is a place to thrive, and he or she will have a tendency toward the characteristics listed below.

Typical Behavior and Abilities
When at home, a Virgo man or woman:
* enjoys being head of the household
* is domesticated in most areas, such as cooking, managing the household finances, general maintenance, health, hygiene, and gardening
* will always be doing or making something
* is usually at his or her most relaxed
* pursues several hobbies at or from home
Virgo as a Parent
* encourages children to ask questions
* supports practical activities during free time
* worries about the children's health
* is helpful, especially about detailed work
* can adapt to almost any practical demand
* may find it hard to express affection warmly
* gets upset by children's dirt and untidiness
* will explain demands he or she makes
* will do anything to help their children

Two Virgos in the Same Family

Married to each other, or as members of the same family, Virgos can get along very well. But difficulties will arise if they become too critical of each other and undermine each other's confidence.

On the whole, however, Virgos are made of sterner stuff and can adapt their practical arrangements to accommodate any serious differences. Normally their mutual need for cleanliness and tidiness works very well. The Virgo tendency to worry, especially about matters of health, could lead to an air of hypochondria in the home. However, Virgo quick thinking and wit can usually overcome these disadvantages.

Virgo At Work

At work, the person who has a typical Virgo personality will exhibit the following characteristics.

Typical Behavior and Abilities
A typical Virgo at work:
* is best in a supporting role
* is meticulous and self-disciplined
* offers others a sense of stability
* is very helpful to other people
* can enjoy complicated, routine work
Virgo as Employer
A typical Virgo boss (male or female):
* is excellent as boss of a small company
* can see the details very clearly
* will call a spade a spade
* expects honesty in all matters
* is kindhearted, honest, and fair
* expects good grooming, good manners, and good habits
* can handle extremely complicated projects
* will reward good work with pay not perks
Virgo as Employee
A typical Virgo employee (male or female):
* is good in service work and research, rather than manufacturing
* will become an excellent assistant to the boss
* does good work and expects to be paid well
* is courteous, reliable, and thorough
* is quick-thinking, analytical, and intelligent
* will be cautious, critical, and methodical
Working Environment
The workplace of a typical Virgo man or woman:
* will not be noisy
* will have the most up-to-date equipment
* is best decorated with subtle, neutral colors
* is organized so that work can have a regular routine

Typical Occupations

Any occupation which enables the Virgoan to give service and handle complicated or difficult details will suit most Virgoans.

Virgo and Love

To Virgo, love is not dramatic, emotional, or sentimental. A Virgo's love is devotion and will include love of family, friends, and those less fortunate than he or she.

Virgo in love with another person will have many of the characteristics listed below.

Behavior When In Love
The typical Virgo:
* looks for quality
* is frightened by overt romance
* may wait years for the right person
* once in love, loves warmly and steadily
* is devoted to the loved one
* will rarely give cause for any jealousy
* will do anything to avoid breaking up
The typical Virgo expects:
* devotion from the partner
* a sense of decency
* to enjoy platonic flirtation
* to be fussed over when feeling down
* personal matters to be kept private
* feelings to be handled with great care

The End of An Affair

Virgos are typically loyal and will avoid ending a marriage or other permanent relationship whenever possible. However, in the long run, Virgos are sensible, practical people. If the Virgoan sense of fair play has been outraged, the Virgo will make a quick and final break, legally and in every other way.

It is rare for a typical Virgo to linger in a fading marriage. If sensible, intelligent discussion does not solve the problems, the Virgo soon makes up his or her mind to end it.

Reconciliation is not typical of Virgoan behavior. Pleading, tears, sentimentality, or a more aggressive approach will have no effect. Because the Virgoan has good self-discipline, the past is soon put aside.

However, if children are involved, the divorced Virgo will want to ensure that the children receive good educations.

Virgo and Sex

When a typical Virgo makes love it is a pure-minded, natural, healthy act. Virgo only enjoys sex when it is with someone who has gained Virgo's confidence.

Celibacy, for short or long periods, is not usually difficult for Virgo. In general, Virgoan's are looking for a spouse, not a one-night stand or an affair.

A Virgo who has not had his or her fragile sense of self undermined in youth will enjoy sex. The bedside library may include informative books on sex, because Virgos like to understand the finer details.

Virgo (male or female) tends to seduce with finesse, charm, and subtlety.

The fact that typical Virgoan instincts are chaste does not mean that Virgos are virgins. The Virgin of astrology is a symbol of self- improvement and fertility.

Virgo and Partner

The person who contemplates becoming the marriage or business partner of a typical Virgo must realize that Virgo will regard the union as permanent, although the finer details can be flexible.

Given this, the person who partners Virgo can expect absolute loyalty. Virgos make strong commitments because they combine duty with devotion.

The Virgo will approach a proposal with great caution and will analyze the pros and cons throughly before getting involved. This is an excellent approach to any long-term partnership but may sound rather cold and clinical in the case of a proposed marriage.

Virgo Man As A Partner

He will be thoughtful, considerate, and honest. He will remember dates, anniversaries, and agreements.

He can be a wizard when it comes to the sensible balancing of the budget. He will love, honor, and criticize, but will not expect to be obeyed, waited on, or be dazzled by sexy make-up and clothes.

However, he will want cleanliness and a lot of warmth and sincere respect.

Virgo Woman As A Partner

She is shy but as tough as nails when the need arises. In business, she will be cool, intelligent, and fully commited.

Slow to love, Virgo woman is not interested in anything less than true love. When it happens, she will love intensely. She will only break a partnership if there has been hypocrisy. She is the most practical romantic in the zodiac.

Opposite Sign

Pisces is the complementary opposite sign to Virgo. From Pisces, Virgo can learn to get a little and float with the tide, giving imagination a chance to develop. In this way, Virgo can begin to accept human imperfections, especially his or her own.

Virgo and Friends

In general, Virgo likes a friend who is tidy, clean, and intelligent with a broad range of interests. They prefer people who are not given to big shows of emotion and are attracted to those who offer a sense of peace and serenity.

Positive Factors

Virgos love any pagentry that gives them an outlet for their tightly controlled emotions. Hence they are delightful companions at these events.

Virgos are discriminating and have a fine artistic taste and a wealth of information on many subjects.

They are not coarse and do not waste money.

Virgos are loyal to their friends and will be extremely kind, considerate, and helpful.

Negative Factors

Virgos are nervous worriers, and a friend who in some way feeds the worries will reduce Virgo to a nervous heap.

Virgos can be cold and critical, so a friend who softens the barbed remarks with caring laughter will bring out the Virgo wit.

Most Virgos find it almost impossible to admit they are occasionally wrong.

A compatibility chart, below, lists those with whom Virgo is likely to have the most satisfactory relationships.


In general, if people are typical of their zodiac sign, relationships between Virgo and other signs (including the complementary opposite sign, Pisces) are as shown below.

Virgo with Virgo: Harmonious
Virgo with Libra: Harmonious
Virgo with Scorpio: Harmonious
Virgo with Sagittarius: Difficult
Virgo with Capricorn: Harmonious
Virgo with Aquarius: Turbulent
Virgo with Pisces: Difficult
Virgo with Aries: Turbulent
Virgo with Taurus: Harmonious
Virgo with Gemini: Difficult
Virgo with Cancer: Harmonious
Virgo with Leo: Harmonious

Virgoan Leisure Interests

Most Virgos enjoy intellectual and practical pursuits. While many will take regular exercise for the sake of their health, they are not natural sportsmen and sportswomen.

On the whole, typical Virgos pursue the following leisure interests:

* theater, concerts, plays, pageants

* books, magazines, dictionaries, encyclopedias

* detailed crafts, especially weaving

* alternative medicines, psychology

* gardening, health foods, flowers

* computers with all the paraphernalia

Virgoan Likes and Dislikes

* making lists
* a well-stocked medicine cabinet
* self-improvement courses
* punctuality
* mimicking others
* grooming self, taking showers, using nice soaps
* dealing with details
* tiny animals
* helping others
* wearing well-tailored clothes in muted colors and textures
* crowds and noise; brash people
* slang, vulgarity, slovenliness, and dirt
* people who whine and complain a lot
* sitting still for a long time
* disrupted schedules
* lids left off boxes, or tops off toothpaste
* being obligated to others
* people who move Virgo's personal things
* hypocrisy and deceit
* any admission of weekness or failure
*bright, bold, primary colors

Virgoan Health

Typical Virgos are healthy although, if very worried or unhappy, they may succumb to the Virgoan tendency toward hypochondria.

Types of Sickness

Diseases most usually associated with Virgo are disturbances of the lymph system, or the digestive system such as appendicitis, malnutrition, diarrhea, indigestion, hernia, etc. Normally Virgos look after themselves well, so avoid many upsets.

When Virgo is sick, he or she needs to have a little fuss made while being encouraged to get well.

Virgo at Rest

Extending the metaphor of Virgo as the mutable earth sign, it follows that adaptability (the mutable quality) can sometimes work for Virgo, who finds it easy to change position if the body or mind are under stress. However, Virgo is also nervously restless, so Virgo needs plenty of interesting, practical things to keep him or her occupied. Making detailed models or doing needlework can be very soothing and relaxing.

Famous Virgos

Leonard Bernstein (Composer, Conductor), Sean Connery (Actor), Peter Sellers (Actor), D.H. Lawrence (Novelist and Poet), Lauren Bacall (Actress), Anne Bancroft (Actress), Greta Garbo (Actress), Twiggy (Model and Actress), Sophia Loren (Actress)

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